A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Provide the basics on the principles of periodontal surgery and on the instrumentation of competence. Specifically, it will deal with mucogingival surgery, resective surgery and furcations surgical therapy, and finally with regenerative surgery techniques and material used. The therapeutic support concepts will be developed. A specific lesson will set the appropriate access edges that can be used in endodontic micro-surgery. Finally, this course will deal with periodontal therapy in relation to implant therapy.
Expected learning outcomes
Possess sufficient knowledge to know and understand in depth the periodontal surgical instrumentation and the use of magnification devices in such surgical acts; possess the ability to frame the correct surgical procedure based on the diagnosed periodontal lesion; possess the ability to plan and execute the therapeutic support concepts correctly and to evaluate the results obtained over time.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Didactic methods
The lessons will be held mainly in synchronous mode using the Microsoft Teams platform, with the possibility of recording the lessons themselves and making them subsequently available on the platform for all students.

Program and reference material
There are no changes to the program and reference material.

Methods for verifying learning and evaluation criteria
Similarly to the ordinary activity, the verification of learning will take place through an oral exam to be held with Microsoft Teams. In particular, the exam will be aimed at assessing the completeness of the answer, the congruity from the point of view of the contents, the correctness of the terminology used and the ability to frame the theoretical knowledge in the clinical context.
The evaluation will be expressed out of thirty, considering an exam carried out by answering the questions asked with at least all the correct contents required as sufficient (18).
Course syllabus
Periodontal Re-evaluation on the basis of the AAP-EFP 2018 Classification
Principles of periodontal surgery and treatment planning
Resective and conservative periodontal surgery
Regenerative periodontal surgery
Mucogingival surgery (periodontal plastic surgery)
Supportive periodontal therapy
Prerequisites for admission
Knowledge of the anatomy and the physiology of the periodontal tissues
Knowledge of the pathogenesis of periodontal diseases
Knowledge of the Periodontal causal therapy procedures
Periodontal Diseases Classifications
Teaching methods
Teaching Resources
LANG NP, LINDHE J. Parodontologia clinica e implantologia orale. VI Edizione. EdiErmes 2016
SIDP. Testo atlante di parodontologia e terapia implantare. Quintessenza 2017
Assessment methods and Criteria
The learning will be assessed by means of an oral test, made of one or more questions. Completeness of the response, correctness of the contents, correctness of the terminology adopted and the ability to transfer theoretical notions to one clinical setting will be evaluated.
The evaluation will be made in thirtieths, considering sufficient when the exam was performed answering correctly to all the questions posed.
MED/28 - ORAL DISEASES AND DENTISTRY - University credits: 2004
Lessons: 40 hours
Practicals - Exercises: 50 hours
Polo Centrale
Professors: Pagni Giorgio, Simion Massimo
Polo San Paolo
Professors: Basso Matteo, Ferrieri Giovanni
Educational website(s)
Tuesday morning
Office, Via della Commenda, 9 - 2° floor