Seminars and workshops

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
- knowledge of the theoretical foundations and application methods of specific psychiatric rehabilitation techniques
- knowledge from a curative and rehabilitative point of view the main situations of psychological distress and the ability to apply targeted interventions;
- knowledge of the theoretical basis of rehabilitation techniques specific to evolutionary, adult and geriatric age;
- knowledge of the basic standards for preserving and promoting the health of individuals and communities;
- knowledge of the organizational models of psychiatric rehabilitation in health facilities;
- know the rules of ethics and professional responsibility.
Expected learning outcomes
To acquire advanced and up-to-date skills in the various areas where psychiatric rehabilitation interventions are carried out
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

The program and the bibliography are confirmed
Teaching activities will be held both in presential mode and at distance (synchronous mode) using MS Teams platform.
Assessment of the learning: Microsoft Teams (oral examination).
Course syllabus
- Updates in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation
- Innovative measures and new techniques
- Application of interventions and results in the field
Prerequisites for admission
No prior knowledge required
Teaching methods
Conferences and seminars
Teaching Resources
Material provided by the teacher during the lessons
Assessment methods and Criteria
Oral exam. The result is communicated immediately.
- University credits: 3
Informal teaching: 45 hours