Strabismus and Orthoptic Treatment (II)

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
MED/30 MED/50
Learning objectives
The more complex aspects of the pathophysiology of strabismus will be analyzed and systematically classified to allow the student to catalogue all the anomalies of the statics and dynamics of the eye.
Expected learning outcomes
The student will be able, at the end of the course, to make a proper diagnosis of all note forms of strabismus and of various abnormalities of ocular motility, including any neuro-ophthalmologic condition associated with oculomotor dysfunction.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

The lessons will be perfomed on-line through the Microsoft teams platform and they will be available both (sychronous and asychronous) at the same time based on the first trimester timetable. They will be registred and available on the Microsoft teams platform.
Prerequisites for admission
The student must be passed the examination Strabismus and orthoptic treatment I
Assessment methods and Criteria
Quiz and Drab diagnostic interaction, simulations
Eye diseases
Course syllabus
Course introduction
Sensorial adaptation in strabismus
Strabismus evaluation
Horizontal strabismus (Esotropie ,Exotropie)
Vertical strabismus
A and V pattern Alphabetic attitudes
Paralitic Strabismus
Particular types of strabismus: CCDS Duane, Brown Moebius, DVD DHD .
Anomalous head position
Strabismus surgery
Teaching methods
Frontal lessons supported by visual and audiovisual media of many clincal cases
Discussion of clinical cases
Teaching Resources
Slides and bibliography by the Lecturer (slides that retrace the topics covered in the lesson)
Scientific papers
Raccomanded books:
Paolo Nucci: "Lo strabismo: Clinica e Terapia. Manuale per Oftalmologi ed Ortottisti" Ed. Fabiano
GP Paliaga : I Vizi di refrazione
P.Nucci,Serafino: "Oftalmologia Pediatrica e Strabismo" Ed Fabiano
Applied medical techniques
Course syllabus
Duane Syndrome
Brown Syndrome
Moebius Syndrome
Tyroid associated Ophthalmopaty TAO
Blow out fracture
Incomitant strabismus - Diagnostic protocol
Palsy of III IV V VI VII
Anomalous head position and Head tilting test
Park's three steps teest
Non surgery therapy
Teaching methods
Lesson to small groups
Pratical training of clinical cases
Teaching Resources
The preparation is based on the slides provided by the teacher an available on the Ariel website and on the raccomended books
Paolo Nucci: "Lo strabismo: Clinica e Terapia. Manuale per Oftalmologi ed Ortottisti" Ed. Fabiano oppure
P.Nucci,Serafino: "Oftalmologia Pediatrica e Strabismo" Ed Fabiano
For those who want to deepen, please note:
GP Paliaga: "I vizi di refrazione"
"L'ambliopia" Ed. Minerva Medica"
"L'esame del visus"
Gunter K. von Noorden, Emilio C. Campos: "Binocular Vision and Ocular Motility" Theory and Management of Strabismus
Applied medical techniques
Lessons: 30 hours
Professor: Simonetta Simona
Eye diseases
MED/30 - OPHTHALMOLOGY - University credits: 2
Lessons: 20 hours
Professor: Nucci Paolo