Arabic I

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
This course provides basic knowledge of written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), introducing the alphabet and writing system, principles of grammar and syntax as well as simple set texts and basic conversation skills.
Expected learning outcomes
Knowledge of the alphabet and writing system and of key MSA grammatical and syntactical concepts. Ability to hold a simple conversation and to understand, translate and produce simple texts on known topics.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
More specific information on the delivery mode of training activities for academic year 2021/22 will be provided over the coming months, based on the evolution of public health situation.
Course syllabus
Ortography and phonetics. The Alphabet, roots and consonantal schemes. Nominal phrase, verbal phrase. The 'irab, idafa, plurals, duals. the verb "to not be"; the verb "to have".
Prerequisites for admission
no special prerequisite is required.
Teaching methods
Frontal Lessons
Teaching Resources
Sana Darghmouni, Kalima/parola. Lezioni di scrittura e grammatica araba con esercizi. Le Monnier, 2019, Milano.
Laura Veccia Vaglieri, Maria Avino, Grammatica teorico-pratica della lingua araba, Istituto per l'Oriente, Roma 2017.
Extra teaching material will be available on ariel
Assessment methods and Criteria
At the end of th course, the student have to take a written and an oral exam.
To take the oral exam the student have to pass the written one first.
L-OR/12 - ARABIC LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE - University credits: 9
Lessons: 60 hours
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