Clinical nursing and research

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
INF/01 MED/01 MED/42 MED/45
Learning objectives
- Know and apply the principles and methodology of research and the critical evaluation of evidence based nursing literature
- Know and apply the principles and methodology of statistics useful for research in clinical nursing;
- Know the principles and the methodology of epidemiological research and apply them to the promotion of the health of the individual and of the community;
- Know and apply information technology methods and use commonly-used software to perform bibliographic research and data presentation and processing.
Expected learning outcomes
Knowledge and understanding:
- general and clinical nursing issues for the understanding of pediatric nursing's fields of intervention, clinical method leading to effective clinical approach intervention techniques and evidence supporting the decision making and the delivery of the pediatric nursing care;
- It and linguistic disciplines with particular focus on the English language for the understanding of the scientific nursing literature and for the exchange of general information.

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding:
- integrate the knowledge and skills stemming from the nursing discipline, from biomedical, psychological, socio-cultural and humanistic features to recognize the care needs of the newborn and the family and provide appropriate, effective and evidence-based pediatric nursing care;
- apply the nursing care on the basis of the reference disciplinary theoretical models to assess and diagnose health status and care needs in their physical, psychological and socio-cultural dimensions, plan goals, implement and evaluate the care provided and outcomes achieved;
- conduct a complete and systematic evaluation of data relating to the care needs of the newborn to facilitate growth, development and adaptation in health promotion, maintenance and recovery;
- analyze and accurately interpret the data collected through clinical reasoning;
- interpret and apply the results of research to nursing practice and link research paths to the theoretical development of the nursing discipline;
- provide nursing care in different care settings, both in- and out- of-hospital settings
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Course syllabus
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