Economics and management

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
IUS/07 IUS/10 SECS-P/07 SECS-P/10
Learning objectives
Knowledge on principles of management applied to the health organization and heallth sector Knowledge on the managerial dynamics of a health organization
Knowlwdge on specificities of the health sector
Understanding of management practices and governance of health organizations
Expected learning outcomes
The student will describe the managerial functioning of the health organization and of the economic and operational budgeting ,
business planning and modelling in order to understand the organizational context
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

In relazione alle modalità di erogazione delle attività formative per l'a.a. 2021/22, verranno date indicazioni più specifiche nei prossimi mesi, in base all'evoluzione della situazione sanitaria.
Prerequisites for admission
Assessment methods and Criteria
Multiple choices test and open questions
Labour law
Course syllabus
I) Development of trade union and employment law in the public sector and the origin of the issues concerning public sector employment;
II) The public nature and the subsequent process of "contrattualizzazione";
III) Collective Bargaining;
IV) Union Rights;
V) The access to public sector employment; VI) Job Skills and Incompatibilities;
VII) Individual and Collective Mobility;
VIII) Non-standard Employment;
IX) Disciplinary Power;
X) Wage Setting and Performance;
XI) Dismissal.
Teaching methods
The lectures will be in audio and video and they will be coupled with the analysis of Constitutional Court, Cassation and Merit Court
judgments concerning the most significant issues of public sector employment.
Teaching Resources
The Instructor will upload all the materials and the references provided during the course on for both attending and non-attending students.
Furthermore, students will be able to deepen the subject, in addition to the material that will be published in the form of slides and audio / video lessons, on the following textbook:
L. Fiorillo, Il diritto del lavoro nel pubblico impiego, 2019, ed. Piccin.
The study of the materials and the textbook has to be, in any case, accompanied by direct learning of the Constitution, of the Civil Code and of the fundamental special laws referred to by the teaching materials distributed in class, ad well as the textbook.
Administrative law
Course syllabus
Principles of administrative action (art. 97 Cost., principle of responsibility, art. 28 Cost., principles of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, transparency)
The rules governing administrative action (Law No 241/90)
Compulsory health checks and treatments
Health data the electronic health file (in particular regulation issued by Prime Ministerial Decree No 178 of 29 September 2015) The responsibility of the doctor and health care personnel
Civil, criminal and administrative liability: general principles.
Teaching methods
Frontal lesson.
Class lectures and case discussions.
Teaching Resources
Lega F., Economia e Management Sanitario: Settore, Sistema, Aziende, Protagonisti, EGEA, 2018. Slides and readings by instructor
Business administration and Management
Course syllabus
- Strategic planning and strategic management of the healthcare organization
- Strategy-structure paradigm and organizational development processes
- Complexity and specificity of health organizations, professionalism, and their implications on organizational behaviour - New trends in organizational design of health services
- Strategic change management and the leadership cycle in healthcare.
Teaching methods
Class lectures and case discussions
Teaching Resources
Lega F. Economia e Management Sanitario: Settore, Sistema, Aziende, Protagonisti - EGEA, 2018
Organization studies
Course syllabus
Organisational theories
Organisational planning
Organisational structures
Teaching methods
Frontal lesson.
Class lectures and case discussions.
Teaching Resources
Lega F., Economia e Management Sanitario: Settore, Sistema, Aziende, Protagonisti, EGEA, 2018. Slides and readings by instructor
Administrative law
IUS/10 - ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - University credits: 1
Lessons: 8 hours
Professor: Furiosi Emanuela
Business administration and Management
Lessons: 24 hours
Professor: Lega Federico
Labour law
IUS/07 - LABOUR LAW - University credits: 1
Lessons: 8 hours
Professor: Timellini Caterina
Organization studies
Lessons: 16 hours
Professor: Pulcher Simone
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