Facts, principles and hard choices

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The course aims at introducing the student to the field of moral philosophy, as presently practiced at an international level. Familiarity with the general framework of ethical discussions will enable students to appropriately contextualise a large variety of contemporary issues within different areas of ethical and political concern.
Expected learning outcomes
At the end of the course, students will be acquainted with the main normative theories in ethics, and with some basic philosophical questions raised by the practice of moral judgment. They will be able to frame the normative discussion concerning practical issues within the context of ethical theories, to reflectively endorse and defend specific moral views and to present normative options in suitable terms. They will possess the basic tools to engage in personal research in the field.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second trimester
M-FIL/03 - MORAL PHILOSOPHY - University credits: 6
Lessons: 40 hours
Professor: Reichlin Massimo