A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Skills Lab are conducted to integrate internship and thesis preparation.
Expected learning outcomes
Theoretical and practical performances of internship and thesis preparation
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

More specific information on the delivery modes of training activities for academic year 2021/22 will be provided over the coming months, based on the evolution of the public health situation.
Course syllabus
Practical skills needed to deepen the internship experience and preparing the thesis
Prerequisites for admission
Teaching methods
The lessons will be held in-class and/or remotely through the online platforms provided by the University. The distance lessons will be held in synchronous (through Microsoft Teams platform) and/or asynchronous mode (through Power point with audio, video recording lessons, audio recording lessons, other).
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exams will be carried out in-class and/or remotely. Oral exams will be carried out remotely using the Microsoft Teams platform or other online platforms provided by the University. The distance written exams will be carried out using the platform or other platforms provided by the University according to the modalities illustrated on the web site http://www.
- University credits: 5
Laboratories: 75 hours