Organic chemistry II

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The course is a continuation of Organic Chemistry I and aims at providing an introduction to the chemistry of carbocyclic aromatic compounds. Additional topics include the chemistry of heterocyclic aromatic compounds.
Expected learning outcomes
Skills acquired by the students at the end of the course are the knowledge of the chemistry of aromatic systems. In particular, they will achieve competences in the design of the synthesis of aromatic and heteroaromatic systems, even of pharmacological interest.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

If still present the pandemic problem, lessons will be held in synchronous mode using TEAMS and ZOOM platforms, registered and loaded on ARIEL site.
Course syllabus
The programme and materials of the course will not undergo changes with respect to academic year 2020-21.
Prerequisites for admission
Basic knowledge of organic chemistry are required.
Teaching methods
Lessons will be held in classrooms as scheduled in the timetable.
Teaching Resources
Students will be provided with the complete set of copies of slides presented during lessons, with several integration with written explanations. In addition, the following books are recommended:

1] Brown, Foote, Iverson, Anslyn, CHIMICA ORGANICA IV edizione

Students can communicate with the teacher through e-mail, or making an appointment to take advantage of the weekly reception time.
Assessment methods and Criteria
In order to simplify the learning of the subject, and to facilitate the verification of knowledge, three examinations are organized, each at the end of the three parts of the course. The final marks will result from the average of the three marks. If one of the three written test will have an insufficient score, students can repeat it. Students that will not attend exercise lessons and therefore will not be admitted to these three examinations, or that will not reach the 18/30 marks, can take the entire exam in one of the ordinary exam sessions.As in the past, the three exams will consist of three written tests lasting 120 minutes each. If new more restrictive rules will be issued, the platform will be used, in the manner illustrated on the UNIMI portal.
CHIM/06 - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - University credits: 7
Practicals: 16 hours
Lessons: 48 hours