Teaching workshop: Aesthetics of the photographic image

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The workshop aims to provide the participants with the necessary skills to evaluate photographic works from an aesthetic point of view. After an overview concerning the philosophy of the image and the aesthetics of the visual arts, the student will be introduced to the analysis of the creative and receptive process involved in the photographic process.
Expected learning outcomes
At the end of the workshop, students will be able to recognize the place of a photographic shot in the history of art and to identify new artistic directions and modern photographic techniques. Their active participation and direct involvement will allow them to experience new creative processes personally
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
The lessons will take place in presence if the emergency due to the spread of COVID 19 is resolved. Otherwise, the lessons will occur in remote mode, synchronously (Teams platform) and asynchronously with materials published on the Ariel teaching site. Students will be able to find information to access the lessons, any changes in the program and any changes in the reference material (bibliography, etc.) on the Ariel teaching site.
Course syllabus
The workshop offers an introduction to the aesthetics of photography. Particular attention will be given to the role that photographic images play in the contemporary world, especially about the way they are investigated by artistic practices.
It is aimed at students of the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Property, the Master of Science Degree in Music and Performing Arts and of the Master Degree in History and Art Criticism.
Prerequisites for admission
Course's attendance does not involve any particular prerequisites since it introduces the main themes of Aesthetics of photography. It requires propensity and passion for visual art (especially photography), a good knowledge of the Italian language and an active and lively participation.
Teaching methods
Lectures based on analysis, synthesis, discussion of iconographic and photographic materials, philosophical texts, intended to foster student's ability to elaborate a critical point of view on the relevant subjects.
Teaching Resources
M. Mazzocut-Mis, Tableaux vivants. Da Diderot a Jeff Wall, in Aesthetics of Photography, "Aisthesis", on-line, vol. 11, n. 2, 2018, pp. 101-113.
M. Mazzocut-Mis ed E. Scarpellini (eds.), Fotografia. Temi e problemi, Mimesis Edizioni, Milano 2019.
M. Mazzocut-Mis e C. Spenuso (eds.), Fermo immagine. Arte, vita e mercato della fotografia, Mimesis Edizioni, Milano 2018.
Assessment methods and Criteria
The assessment method will consists of a 10-15 minutes video summarizing the acquired skills and proposing a creative path inherent to one of the aesthetic categories related to photography developed and deepened during the course.
The examination modalities for students with disabilities and/or DSA must be agreed with the teacher, complying with the competent Office.
- University credits: 3
Humanities workshops: 20 hours