Workshop: the Job of the Fashion Journalist

A.Y. 2023/2024
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The workshop questions some key issues for fashion communication: What does it mean to be a fashion journalist? And, above all, what are the tools necessary to approach a world so fascinating and rich in ideas, as it is complex and rigorous? The laboratory focuses mainly on "writing" fashion through the analysis and deepening of specific topics. In addition to editing for a printed news outlet, the students will be stimulated by the historical-critical approach to the dissection of ad hoc arguments or through "self-exercising" by producing articles.
Expected learning outcomes
Knowledge: The course aims to provide students with knowledge and practical tools regarding fashion journalism, with particular reference to technical and cultural aspects.
Skills: Ability to write professionally styled articles for fashion magazines.
Single course

This course cannot be attended as a single course. Please check our list of single courses to find the ones available for enrolment.

Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
Course syllabus
The laboratory provides the theoretical and practical bases for the knowledge of the profession of fashion journalist. These are the topics which will be discussed: the press release and how to best use it, the relationship with the press offices and all the people involved, the structure of a fashion article, how to write a review of a fashion show, how to prepare and write an interview, how to write an article about fashion trends, the differences in writing between online and offline, the differences in writing between magazines and newspapers. Journalist vs influencer.
Prerequisites for admission
No prerequisites are requested.
Teaching methods
Each lesson includes a frontal lecture part, partly made up of slides and various fashion material, followed by a second part of interaction with the students. Attendance is compulsory (it is possible not to attend one lesson out of ten).
Teaching Resources
Visual materials relating to the various topics will be provided.
Assessment methods and Criteria
The final evaluation is based on participation in the class activities and on the quality of the products made by the students.
No grade is given, since this is a workshop.
- University credits: 3
Humanities workshops: 20 hours
Professor: Ruggeri Angelo