Basic Sciences

A.Y. 2024/2025
Overall hours
BIO/10 BIO/13 FIS/07
Learning objectives
The student should:
- Know chemistry fundamentals, which are essential to understand the living matter and the organic compounds relevant to biochemistry and pharmacology
- Know molecular and biochemical mechanisms on which life and metabolism rely
- Know the mechanisms involved in the genetic information transmission and expression
- Know the essential biological organization of living organisms
- Know physics fundamentals, useful to understand and explain physiological phenomena
Expected learning outcomes
Knowledge and comprehension:
Biomedical sciences for the comprehension of physiological and pathological processes related to healthy state and illness of the newborn, of the infant and of the teenager
Ability to apply knowledge and comprehension

The students should be able to:
- apply theoretical knowledge coming from the nursing discipline and from the biological as well as medical sciences in order to recognize people/recipient's needs during different phases of life
Single course

This course cannot be attended as a single course. Please check our list of single courses to find the ones available for enrolment.

Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Applied physics
FIS/07 - APPLIED PHYSICS - University credits: 1
Lessons: 15 hours
BIO/10 - BIOCHEMISTRY - University credits: 1
Lessons: 15 hours
Experimental biology
BIO/13 - EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY - University credits: 2
Lessons: 30 hours