Additional learning requirements (OFA) for the School of Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication

Admission to Bachelor's and single-cycle Master's degree programmes is subject to an assessment of the student's educational background.
All students of the Bachelor's degree programme in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication are required to sit a non-selective, self-assessment test of general knowledge before enrolment. The test is mandatory but does not affect access to the programme. For further information, please refer to the programme website.

Students may enrol regardless of the assessment outcome. Students who fall short of the threshold set forth in the call for applications (22/40) will have to fulfil additional learning requirements (OFAs) by means of specific remedial activities. These requirements must be met within the first year of the programme.

Assessment tests will be scheduled at the end of the remedial course. Students will have to pass a final test within the first year (February 2023). Should they fail remedial assessments, their academic career will be halted at the end of year I. Information on the online remedial course on Written comprehension and Italian language proficiency, including logic, will be posted on the programme website.

Students with SLDs/disabilities wishing to apply for accommodations please contact  SLD services or Disability services and submit the required documentation. Once the office has granted the application, the student will notify the OFA tutor, who will provide the required accommodations.