Green Areas and Landscape Design

Green Areas and Landscape Design
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A.Y. 2024/2025
Master programme
interateneo Università degli Studi di Genova
LM-3 - Landscape architecture
Master programme
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Genova, Milano

The degree programme intends to offer students a complete training course providing the knowledge and skills required of a landscape architect.

The courses in the study plan cover the main disciplines of agronomic sciences, natural sciences, territorial planning and architecture, with an interdisciplinary approach typical of landscape architecture.

The programme draws on the educational and scientific cooperation between the universities of Genoa, Milan and Turin. The leading institution is the University of Genoa, home to the student office, and where the activities of the first year of study take place.

  • Design of the urban green system, parks and gardens, green spaces pertaining to buildings, sports facilities, ecological networks and greenways, lake and marine coastal strips, therapeutic gardens
  • Reclamation of industrial wastelands, landfills Landscape integration of road infrastructures and energy production networks
  • Conservation and restoration of historic gardens and parks
  • Environmental and landscape impact analysis and assessment Landscape planning.

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