“PA 110 e lode”, training for public administration employees

The University of Milan joins the Department of Public Administration’s initiative to strengthen the skills of PA personnel, which was launched by a Memorandum of Understanding with the Minister for Public Administration as part of the programme “Formazione PA 110 e lode”.

See the list of courses available for academic year 2021/2022.


Admission, attendance and fees

Information on admission requirements, enrolment procedures and attendance is available in the call for applications for each course.

As a rule, classes are held both in person and remotely (through videoconferencing platforms), assessments are held in person.

Public employees have a 25% discount on standard tuition fees for each Master or advanced course.

One- or two-year higher education courses for professional development, attendance required.

Percorsi brevi e approfondimenti specialistici per laureati e professionisti.