Meetings in schools

Reference advisors can submit a request to the University of Milan for a meeting at the school with students in their last years of study.

These meetings, which take place from October to April, provide students with information and tools for selecting the degree programme best suited to their interests and needs.

Guidance Events
  • Information stands
    A dedicated area set up for distributing information materials during events involving the participation of various universities; a COSP operator is present to answer students' questions.

  • Guidance sessions
    In class or in common areas, a COSP operator presents the University of Milan educational offering and services. Besides allowing a better understanding of the university system, degree programmes and admission requirements, these meetings are an occasion for receiving assistance in choosing one's academic path.

  • Sessions to present specific areas of study or degree programmes
    These are held by University teaching staff and aim to inform students on individual areas of study or specific degree programmes.

Book a guidance event in your school

Reference advisors must download and complete the request form and send it to [email protected].

The following must be specified:

  • event of interest
  • preferred period or exact date
  • number of students involved
  • if the school has any particular interests or requirements

The COSP, after having assessed the request and availability, will identify the persons to be involved in organizing the event and will contact the teacher directly.