Erasmus students accommodation

The University of Milan offers accommodation for Erasmus students in a hall of residence according to availability.
Accommodation is offered in shared rooms, 2 beds per room.

Since a limited number of places is available in the halls of residence, the booking rule is: first arrived first served.

Accommodation booking deadline
30 June
First semester
30 November
Second semester
University residences

The University of Milan offers possibilities of accommodation in University residences :

  • Campus Martinitt - Via Pitteri 56
  • Residenza Bassini - via Bassini 36
  • Residenza Plinio - via Plinio 44
  • Residenza Ripamonti - via Muzio Attendolo detto Sforza 6
  • Residenza Canzio - via Canzio 4
  • Campus Milano Internazionale
  • Campus Milano Olympia

Informations: [email protected]

Book an accommodation

Before booking an accommodation students must have:

  • filled in the online application and sent a message to the Erasmus Office 
  • received the enrolment confirmation and the University login credential.

The student receive an e-mail with the procedure for the accommodation booking and for the selection of the available residence.

  • first semester: 30 June
  • second semester: 30 November

The minimum stay is 2 months.

The maximum stay in University residences is related to Erasmus the study period established by the Erasmus agreements between the University of Milan and the student's University. 

Any extension must be approved by the Erasmus Office upon request of the student.

Upon reservation, you will receive an e-mail from the Residence Hall Office with information on how to pay the fee through the PagoPA University system.

International payments can be made by credit card only.


  1. Students arriving in the first fortnight (1-15): € 300
  2. Students arriving in the second fortnight (16-31): € 150

The start date will be the date stated in the Erasmus registration form.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your accommodation details, to be shown to the reception desk together with your ID.

There will be no refund for cancellation or no-show.