Exercise and Sports Sciences

The School of Exercise and Sports Sciences at the University of Milan is unique within the Italian organisation of the constitutive disciplines: a perfect combination of theoretical and practical disciplines that guarantees a continuous dialogue between the scientific and humanistic foundations of exercise and sports sciences and their practical application.

Exercise and Sports Sciences offers students practical courses  on individual, team and fitness/wellness sports, and theoretical ones, which include anatomy, biology, physiology, biochemistry, sports medicine and endocrinology.

A further strength to its preparation of sports professionals and managers are its capacities in the development, maintenance and recovery of movement skills and psychophysical wellbeing.

President of the Managing Committee
Prof. Fabio Esposito


La Scuola di Scienze Motorie ha sede a Milano, in via Kramer 4/A 

Aule didattiche

  • Aule da 100 a 400 - Settore Didattico - via Celoria 20 - 20133 Milano
  • Aule 700 - via Colombo 46 - 20133 Milano
  • Aule G - Settore Didattico - via Golgi 19 - 20133 Milano
  • Aule V - via Venezian 15 - 20133 Milano
  • Aule Veterinaria - via Celoria 10 - 20133 Milano

Impianti sportivi

  • Centro Sportivo Saini, via Corelli 136 - 20134 Milano

Segretieria di Presidenza

via Kramer 4/A - 20129 Milano
tel. 02.503.15151
e-mail: scuola.scienzemotorie@unimi.it

Segreteria didattica

via Kramer 4/A - 20129 Milano,
tel. 02.503.15156 dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 10.00 alle 12.00

Orario ricevimento: lunedì, martedì e giovedì dalle 10.00 alle 12.00
e-mail: didattica.scienzemotorie@unimi.it

Segreterie studenti

Via Santa Sofia 9/1 - 20122 Milano (ingresso dal cortile interno)