PhD courses catalogue

PhD students can put together a personal study plan by choosing the specialist courses they are interested in from the PhD courses list.

All students enrolled in the PhD programmes of the University of Milan can access the list. Each datasheet includes general information. Practical course information such as calendar, classroom and programme details is available on PhD course websites.

The courses refer to academic year 2019/20, running from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020. Registration is open for courses which are scheduled to start in the months listed below.

Please find below enrolment deadlines for later courses:

  • until 25 February 2020 for courses starting in March 2020
  • until 25 March 2020 for courses starting in April 2020
  • until 27 April 2020 for courses starting in May 2020
  • until 25 May 2020 for courses starting in June 2020
  • until 25 June 2020 for courses starting in July 2020
  • until 25 August 2020 for courses starting in September 2020.
  1. Access enrolment on PhD courses online service
  2. Log in using your University login details and select:  
    • exams/enrol for the exam session
    • programmes without admission exam / doctoral programmes-exams
  3. Select the desired programme and click on Iscrizione (Enrolment) and then on Iscriviti (Enrol)

Ignore the option "Exam session date” that appears during the enrolment procedure.

For help please contact