Contacts for Postgraduate schools

Postgraduate Schools Branch

The Postgraduate School Branch manages all relations pertaining to the academic career of specialist students.
Its main activity is the management  of the most common administrative procedures for enrolment - from admissions, to Competitions and the final exam.

The office:

  • provides information regarding deadlines and administrative requirements

  • distributes forms and templates for completion of the required administrative paperwork

  • issues certificates relating to students' academic career

  • manages the procedures for issuing the Diploma.

The office provides a link to the University structures managing other aspects of the Postgraduate Schools: their organization, accounting and finance.

Office hours
Tuesday and Thursday  1pm - 3pm

Online or by appointment

Human Resources Management

For students specializing in medicine, the Human Resources Management - Self-employment and Similar Management Branch - Training  and Research Contracts Office, manages the following:

  • drafts specialist training contracts
  • checks attendance and manages absences
  • disburses payments in relation to specialist training contracts.

For grants:

  • checks on attendance
  • disbursement.

Tel. 02 503.13303

Legal Branch

The Legal Branch

  • stipulates Agreements with hospital departments
  • acquires additional grants for the Postgraduate Schools in medicine
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