2020-2022 Strategic Plan

Quality, planning and the budget are at the heart of the University’s strategic plan for 2020 – 2022 with the aim of turning the University of Milan into a completely new university by 2024, the date on which the hundredth anniversary of its founding will be celebrated. 

With a strategy marked by dialogue, inclusion, transparency and sustainability, the plan has identified the primary goals and actions for obtaining a significant impact on the University’s ability to generate public value. It represents the template for the Departments’ three-year planning and lays down procedures governing interaction and synergy between the various projects both inside and outside the University community.

Signed by the Rector, the first section of the plan can be broken down into three chapters dedicated to the perspective within which the University’s strategic vision can be placed, to a description of the shared policy which led up to the plan and to a reflection on the need to contextualise the strategic aims within a series of possible scenarios.

The second section outlines the strategic goals for each one of the University’s six broad action areas: internationalisation, teaching, research, third mission and technological transfer, health and assistance, organisation, administrative simplification, rights and transparency. 

For each area, quantitative indicators covering the required results are determined and, for each one of these, the impact on the departmental planning goals and links with Quality Policies are also determined.

The Plan sets out to provide a summary and general policy statement for the three-year period. The detailed, comprehensive description of the University’s planning processes, actions and aims derives from the integrated system of the University’s main policy documents.

Strategic plan

For a short summary of the values, strategic priorities and aspirations of the new draft plan, you can watch this video which Rector Elio Franzini presented in his inaugural address for the new academic year.