Emeritus professors

The newly established “Associazione Professori Emeriti Università Statale” (Association of Milan University Emeritus Professors) hopes to allow others to exploit the expertise of emeritus professors who have long taught at the University of Milan and have undertaken research with commitment and devotion. It is supported by the University, in the conviction that the ability to continue to tap into the acknowledged long-standing expertise of the professors represents an added value, not only for the university community, but for society as a whole.

Through a highly multidisciplinary approach, the Association aims to:

  • organize scientific conferences on issues of particular ethical and civic importance;  
  • draw up proposals for reforming various aspects of University life, focusing on the “third mission” in particular;
  • provide mentoring and career advice to graduates;
  • design extra-curricular seminars to develop innovative teaching methods and curricula (including Honours programmes for talented students)
  • organize group workshops for graduates in different fields in order to share professional experiences and exchange ideas.

Naturally, many of these initiatives entail a close collaboration with AmiSta, the Alumni Association of the University of Milan.


AmiSta, the Alumni Association of the University of Milan, brings together graduates in any field from the University of Milan, and keeps them in touch.