Document Access

The University of Milan ensures total transparency through publication on the website, (see: Administrative transparency), of data and documents that are subject to mandatory publication pursuant to current legislation (Legislative Decree 33/2013) as well as further data and documents that the university decides to publish, as provided by law.

For unpublished data and documents, the university guarantees the right to access documents to interested parties, i.e. the right to view and make copies of administrative documents conserved by the university.

The rules regarding access to documents and administrative procedures are contained in the specific University Regulations, which implement Law 241/1990 (and subsequent amendments) and the related Implementing Regulation (Legislative Decree 184/2006).

Administrative procedure

The administrative procedure is a process consisting of linked operations which concludes with the adoption of a final administrative act.

They are administrative procedures, such as: access to degree programmes through entrance tests, enrolment, calls or competitions for the recruitment of teaching staff and technical-administrative personnel.

According to the law, all administrative procedures must be carried out in compliance with the principles of economy, efficiency, impartiality and transparency, and must be concluded with a motivated action within the deadline set by the University or, otherwise, within a period of 30 days.

The University Regulations lists - in Attachment 1 - the various administrative procedures for which the University is responsible, indicating the respective final terms and their characteristics.

For each procedure, the following points are explicitly indicated:

  • the competent organizational structure;
  • the person in charge of the procedure;
  • the maximum duration;
  • the final documentation and the person responsible for the adoption of the procedure;
  • the link to the necessary forms.
Right to access documents

The University guarantees all interested parties - according to the provisions of Law 241/1990 and subsequent amendments and University Regulations - the right to access documents, i.e. the right to view and extract a copy of administrative documents conserved at the University of Milan, as well as independently of any participation in an administrative procedure. 

The right is for those who have a direct, concrete and current interest in accessing a specific document.

The right of access can be exercised in the following two ways:

  • informally, by request – also verbal – to the competent organizational structure (see attachment 1 of the University Regulations), if it can be examined immediately.
    The applicant must prove his identity and eventually any powers of representation, indicate the details of the document requested and the interest connected to the request. The competent structure, after immediately examining the request, receives it by exhibiting the document, extracting a copy or other suitable form and issues a certificate that is countersigned by the applicant;

  • formally, if the structure cannot immediately accept the request for access due to the need for preliminary checks on the applicant’s identity, on its legitimacy, on any representative powers, on any interests, on the accessibility of the document, on the existence of other parties to the proceedings. Applications must be submitted:

    • By registered letter with return receipt, addressed to the University headquarters, Via Festa del Perdono 7, 20122 - Milan

    • Electronically, to the certified e-mail address [email protected]

    • By ordinary e-mail to the competent organizational unit, as shown in Annex 1, with a copy of the applicant's ID.

    • The application is valid if:
      • It bears the applicant's certified digital signature
      • It bears the applicant's original signature, with copy of ID attached
      • It is sent from the applicant's certified email address.

To certify conditions, facts and personal qualities, a user of the University of Milan, as required by D.P.R. no. 445/2000, can use self-certification instead of the corresponding certifications.

Declaration in lieu of certification

The declaration in lieu of certification makes it possible to certify conditions, facts and personal qualities that can be proven directly by the interested party.

Declaration in lieu of affidavit

The declaration in lieu of affidavit makes it possible to prove conditions, facts and qualities that are different from those referred to in the declaration in lieu of certification.
The declaration may also relate to states, facts and personal qualities relating to other subjects for which the declarant has direct knowledge.