Call procedures for professors

Call procedures for full and associate professors

Competitions for the recruitment of both full and associate university professors are referred to as Call Procedures and are regulated by Articles 18 and 24 of Law 240/2010 (Gelmini Law). They are divided into public, open, reserved and evaluative selections according to the requested application requirements:

  • Public (Art.18, paragraph 1): for internal and external candidates at the University of Milan with national or in-service scientific qualifications, with the same qualifications as the position indicated for competition, at universities in Italy or abroad;
  • Open (Art. 18, paragraph 1 and 4): for external candidates who have not served in the last three years or who have not been holders of research grants or enrolled in study programmes at the University of Milan;
  • Reserved (Art. 24, paragraph 6): for researchers and associate professors at the University of Milan, who have attained the Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN);
  • Role Changes (Art. 24, paragraph 5): for type B researchers who become associates.
Calls for professors
SICON – Competition System

Online competition management and selection service for professors and researchers.

National Scientific Qualification

By Executive Decree 553/2021, the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) launched the procedure to qualify nationally as full or associate university professor for the years 2021/2023. Art. 2, paragraph 4, subpart b) of the call for applications was subsequently amended by Executive Decree 589/2021.

Direct Calls and for Highest Repute

This is a form of direct recruitment that does not involve competition notices, but it is a nominative proposal that the universities send directly to the Ministry and are regulated by Article 1, paragraph 9 of Law 230/2005.

Scholars can be hired by direct call, who:

  • are permanently engaged in research or teaching activities abroad for at least three years, with an equivalent academic position in a foreign university or research institution. The call requires the opinion of the ASN (National Scientific Qualification) Commissions;
  • have achieved scientific results consistent with the position to be filled, during a period of at least three years of research and teaching by direct call authorized by MIUR, carried out in Italian universities as part of the Rientro dei Cervelli program to mitigate brain drain;
  • have attained results in the context of specific high-qualification research programs funded by the European Union or by MIUR and identified by a specific decree, with the positive opinion of ANVUR and CUN. For calls made within three years of winning the research project, the opinion of the ASN (National Scientific Qualification) Commissions is not required;
  • have attained high and recognized scientific merit which have already been selected with national procedures in compliance with criteria aimed at ascertaining the excellence of individual scientific research paths. The procedure does not require the opinion of the ASN (National Scientific Qualification) Commissions.

Direct call procedure for the position of full professor only, which is reserved for renowned scholars with at least one of the following requirements:

  • holds a similar position in a foreign university for at least three years;
  • has been honored with other international scientific awards;
  • has held management position(s) in qualified international research institutes for at least three years.

The opinion of the ASN (National Scientific Qualification) Commissions is required.

Other competition notices

The University can recruit, by means of competition notices, teaching staff to carry out educational activities which are not covered by internal staff in the various study programmes.

Appointments and Lectureships

Conferment of teaching appointments to teaching staff in service at Italian universities. Article 38 of the general regulations of the university regulates this type of recruitment.

Access procedure: public selection through a comparative evaluation of qualifications.

Teaching contracts

Private-law, fixed-term teaching contracts for teaching appointments intended for Italians and foreigners who are in possession of a specific qualification.

The regulation of contracts for teaching activities, pursuant to Article 23 of Law no. 240/2010 - Rules for the organization of universities, academic staff and recruitment, as well as the government's responsibility to encourage the quality and efficiency of the university system, regulate this type of recruitment.

Access procedure: public selection through a comparative evaluation of qualifications.

Contratti di insegnamento a titolo gratuito Scuole di Specializzazione

Bandi riservati al personale del Servizio Sanitario Nazionale per la copertura di attività didattiche presso le Scuole di Specializzazione di Area Medica e Sanitaria.

Modalità di accesso: selezione riservata al personale del Servizio Sanitario Regionale tramite valutazione comparativa dei titoli.