Supplementary activities for study programmes - Art. 45

Supplementary didactic activity includes a range of integrative, subsidiary and complementary tasks in addition to the official study programmes. This includes:

  • tutoring
  • exercises, drills and tutorials.

For more information, see also Article 45 of the General University Regulations.

The University can make use of collaboration from:

  • Research Fellows
  • Postgraduates
  • external experts.


  • 100 hours per academic year, of which a maximum of 40 hours for exercises, drills and tutorials
  • tutoring: from € 25,00 to € 35,00
  • exercises and drills: € 45,00.

Research Fellows

  • 60 hours per academic year; if the assignment concerns the function of exercises and drills, and also involves participation in commissions for exams, the previously mentioned limit can be increased to 90 hours
  • tutoring: from € 25.00 to € 35.00
  • exercises and drills: € 45.00.

External Experts

  • 100 hours per academic year
  • tutoring: from € 25,00 to € 35,00
  • exercises and drills: € 45,00.

Further information, as well as the related forms, dedicated to tutors and teaching assistants, are published on the staff portal: laStatale@Work

At laStatale@work you will find operative instructions, circulars and forms for the conferral of assignments for supplementary didactic activities and extra-curricular educational tasks.