Supplementary activities for study programmes - Art. 45

Supplementary didactic activity includes a range of integrative, subsidiary and complementary tasks in addition to the official study programmes. This includes:

  • tutoring
  • exercises, drills and tutorials.

For more information, see also Article 45 of the General University Regulations.

Register subscription for tutors / exercisers is available logging to the website area "Consult the announcements".

Register - New procedure and admissions

The University can make use of collaboration from:

  • Research Fellows
  • Postgraduates
  • external experts
  • Scholarships for promising graduates


  • 100 hours per academic year, of which a maximum of 40 hours for exercises, drills and tutorials
  • tutoring: from € 25,00 to € 35,00
  • exercises and drills: € 45,00.

Research Fellows

  • 60 hours per academic year; if the assignment concerns the function of exercises and drills, and also involves participation in commissions for exams, the previously mentioned limit can be increased to 90 hours
  • tutoring: from € 25.00 to € 35.00
  • exercises and drills: € 45.00.

External Experts

  • 100 hours per academic year
  • tutoring: from € 25,00 to € 35,00
  • exercises and drills: € 45,00.

Application process:

  • review the notices available on the Web page "Selections pursuant to Art. 45 of the University Regulations – Calls for Applications"
  • apply using the online form specified in the calls for applications.

At the deadline for each call for applications, a committee will review the application, CV, and documentation submitted by each candidate and determine their eligibility for the register.

Where to find the registers

The registers are listed on the page Selections pursuant to Art. 45 of the University Regulations – Calls for Applications in correspondence to each notice.

Validity of registers

Each register is valid for three years from the date of approval starting in Academic Year 2022-2023 and is generally updated twice a year based on requests from Departments or Centres.

Consultants included in the register will be contacted directly by the relevant department(s) to formalize the appointment and agree on procedures for performance of services.

Further information, as well as the related forms, dedicated to tutors and teaching assistants, are published on the staff portal: laStatale@Work

At laStatale@work you will find operative instructions, circulars and forms for the conferral of assignments for supplementary didactic activities and extra-curricular educational tasks.