@studenti.unimi.it webmail to migrate to Microsoft Outlook

Archived notice

As of 6 February, email addresses with domain name @studenti.unimi.it are migrating to Microsoft Outlook, another service of the Microsoft 365 platform in addition to Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Microsoft Outlook email accounts come with the following benefits: increased storage space (50 GB), full integration and synchronization with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (Calendar, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.) and high protection against malwares, viruses, phishing attempts and malicious links.

Dates to remember 
4 and 5 February
: your email will not be accessible to allow for migration from the previous service to the new one.

6 February: you can access the new service at https://outlook.office.com, using the same University credentials you used to log in to your previous mailbox. All your emails will be available on the new platform.

As of 6 February, the previous system will be accessible in read-only mode at https://securemail.unimi.it/ with the same login credentials as before.

What to do before the migration to Microsoft Outlook
If an Address Book has to be available also in the new system, just make a copy of it and import the addresses into Microsoft Outlook. Instructions to complete this procedure on your own are available here.

What to do after the migration to Microsoft Outlook
To access your email using a client or a smart device, you can:

  • Use the Exchange protocol by entering your username and password, if your client or mobile device supports it
  • Check the Microsoft Guide for information on the required settings, if your client or mobile device does not support it.

Links to instructions for each client:

For further information, or to report problems or malfunctions, please contact the InformaStudenti online desk.