Structural Geology and Tectonics and Laboratory

A.Y. 2018/2019
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Geologia Strutturale
Analisi e riconoscimento delle strutture tettoniche antiche e recenti, sviluppate a differenti livelli strutturali e riconoscimento dell'ambiente deformativo. Conoscenza e dei criteri cinematici per l'analisi strutturale, e utilizzo tettonico. Riconoscimento della stratigrafia in zone orogeniche.

Tettonica Regionale e Laboratorio
Conoscenza dei metodi di analisi della cinematica delle placche e delle caratteristiche geometriche dei margini divergenti, convergenti e trascorrenti. Acquisizione dei fondamenti della geodimnamica dell'area mediterranea.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Course syllabus
Origin of Structural Geology from prospection and mining of mineral resources, in Europe and Overseas. Deformation at supracrustal, intermediate and deep levels. Partitioning of deformation components at crustal scale, in the three main lithospheric regimes; crustal structures of lithospheric divergence and convergence; scales of analysis. Structural geology and sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic environments of petrogenesis. Analogic deformation experiments of Riedel and Ramberg. Ductile and brittle structures in rocks of various tectonic levels of the crust: causes and effects. Stress and strain; incremental deformation. Pure, simple and subsimple shear; kinematic indicators, brittle and ductile. Rocks of shallow and deep fault zones. Folding and fold systems. Relative chronology of structures. Structural imprints of tectonites: geometric and mineralogic characters for their macro-microscopic recognition; foliations, lineations, rods, mullions, boudinage. Reconstruction of stratigraphy in weakly deformed monotonous sequences (slate belts).
Assisted Laboratory work:
Mesoscopic analysis of tectonites ("drawer petrography"): kinematic indicators and fabrics. Structural maps: quality analysis of the structural information in geological maps. Tectonic structures at the map scale and connate geological implications.

Lectures encompass: surface effects of endogenous Earth dynamics; internal structure of the Earth; global kinematic models; main litospheric plates; finite kinematics; absolute kinematics; individuation of the internal structure of the Planet and of the engine of internal dynamics; plate tectonics of active margins (ocean ridges, rifts, transform faults, subduction zones, continental collision; obduction); lithosphere rheology (brittle-ductile transitions); ophiolites; Wilson cycle; analysis of continental deformation; megacontinents of the Past (Ur, Rodinia, Gondwana, Pangaea); European mountain belts (Caledonian and Variscan cycles); tectonic setting of Mediterranean; structure of the Alpine belt.

Practical work on plate kinematics and interpretation of tectonic maps.
GEO/03 - STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - University credits: 10
Field activity: 12 hours
Practicals: 36 hours
Lessons: 48 hours
Monday 12.30-13.30
via Boticelli 23
8:30-12:30 14:30-17:30
Dipartimento Scienze della Terra "A. Desio" - Sezione Geologia-III piano