Audiology: techniques of audiological investigation

A.Y. 2020/2021
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The basis for the audiometric evaluation of the patient is outlined.
Expected learning outcomes
Acquisition of:
- basic notions of acoustic physics and physiology of the auditory system
- classification of hearing loss
- hearing disability
- investigation tools in audiological diagnostics
- transmissive hypoacusis, hypoacusias due to cochlear lesions, mixed hypoacusis, hypoacusis due to alteration of the auditory nerve and central auditory pathways
- distortions The recruitment phenomenon
- instrumental and clinical pictures of the main pathologies of audiological interest
- principles of treatment of hearing loss based on injury
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

The lessons will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform and can be followed both synchronously on the basis of the first semester timetable and asynchronously because they will be recorded and left available to students on the same platform
Course syllabus
· Elements of anatomy-physiology of the ear
· Psychoacoustics
· Tonal audiometry, masking, deafness classification, tonal audiometric curves
· Supraliminal tonal audiometry
· Vocal audiometry
· impedance analysis
· Otoacoustic Emissions
· Auditory evoked potentials (Electrococleography, ABR, MLR, SVR, cognitive potentials)
· Auditory screening
· Behavioral audiometry
· Disturbances of auditory processing
· Prosthetic audiometry
Prerequisites for admission
No preliminary background knowledge is required
Teaching methods
Lectures supported by powerpoint presentations.
Teaching Resources
L. Pignataro, A. Cesarani, G. Felisati, A. Schindler: Trattato di Otorinolaringoiatria ed Audiologia. EdiSES 2012
· A. Cesarani: Audiometria Pratica. Casi clinici. Omega Edizioni 2012
· U. Ambrosetti, F. Di Berardino, L Del Bo: Audiologia Protesica. Ed.Minerva Medica. 2014
Assessment methods and Criteria
Written exam, open questions. The results will be communicated to students by email.
MED/32 - AUDIOLOGY - University credits: 4
Lessons: 40 hours
Monday 12.00-13.00
Via Pace 9 - Audiologia