Locomotor system and physics and rehabilitation medicine 1 (first year)

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
- Conoscere etiologia, diagnosi e principi terapeutici delle più comuni malattie dell'apparato muscolo scheletrico, con particolare riguardo alle loro manifestazioni a carico dell'arto inferiore e del piede;
- Acquisire principi, logica diagnostica e prognostica ed obiettivi terapeutici della medicina riabilitativa;
- Conoscerne i mezzi terapeutici soprattutto per quanto attiene la disabilità derivante da deficit funzionali dell'arto inferiore e del piede.
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

For the lessons of the first semester the teaching, given the current health situation, will be carried out entirely at a distance.
Course syllabus
Topics covered: anatomy of the foot, ankle and leg. Physiology of foot, ankle and leg. history of foot and ankle biomechanics; outline of classical mechanics and musculotendinous physiology. study of foot and ankle biomechanics (static and dynamic). biomechanics of the physiological step (study of the determinants of walking, oscillations of the center of body mass, study of the role of the individual joints of the lower limb in the path, muscle activity). biomechanics of the pathological step (excess of pronation and supination and compensation mechanisms, origin of the most common deformities of the foot and structuring mechanisms). running and jumping biomechanics. The main pathologies affecting the foot and ankle
Prerequisites for admission
Notions of general anatomy, physiology and physiopathology are required
Teaching methods
Frontal lessons supported by visual and audiovisual media, presentation of clinical cases in order to stimulate discussion and interaction between students and teacher.
Teaching Resources
· R. L. Valmassy, Clinical bionechanics of the lower extremities, Mosby, 1996
· Merton L. Root, W. Orien, J. Weed La funzionalità del piede normale e patologico, volume I, Ed. Piccin 1971
· Merton L. Root, W. Orien, J. Weed La funzionalità del piede normale e patologico, volume II, Ed. Piccin 1971
· Donatelli, The biomechanics of the foot and ankle 1990
· Michaud, Foot orthoses and other forms of conservative foot care, 1997

· Recent advances in orthotic therapy improving clinical outcomes with a pathology specific approach paul r. scherer, dpm, ms
· Guida ai sentieri del corpo. Andrew Biel. Edi ermers
· Netter. Atlante di anatomia umana, Frank H. Netter

· Anatomia umana, Frederic H. Martini

· Le catene muscolari. Vol. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5, Léopold Busquet

· Chinesiologia del sistema muscolo scheletrico, fondamenti per la riabilitazione, Neumann Donald A.

· Anatomia funzionale 1-2-3 vol. I. A. Kapandji (Autore), P. A. Pagani, Marguier M.-C.
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exams will take place with a written test with open questions possibly supplemented with an oral examination always oriented to test the student's ability to know the pathologies described during lessons
MED/33 - ORTHOPAEDICS - University credits: 2
Lessons: 20 hours