Public procurement

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
Expected learning outcomes
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Course syllabus
Public procurement: general principles.
Public procurement between European and Italian administrative law.
Public procurement: contracts and concessions.
The planning of public procurement.
Contractor selection procedures.
The award criteria.
The execution of the contract.
Jurisdictional review.
Prerequisites for admission
Preliminary knowledge of administrative law (organization of public administrations, administrative procedure) is recommended for a better understanding of the teaching.
Teaching methods
The teaching consists of lectures and seminars: the seminars consist of the analysis of practical and jurisprudential cases.
The materials, used for lectures and seminars, are made available to students through the use of the ARIEL platform.
Teaching Resources
For attending students:
Notes from lectures and exercises, and related reference materials.
For non-attending students:
A. Botto, S. Castrovinci Zegna, Diritto e Regolazione dei Contratti Pubblici, Giappichelli Editore, latest edition
or, and alternatively:
R. Dipace, Manuale dei Contratti Pubblici, Giappichelli Editore, latest edition
Assessment methods and Criteria
The exam consists of an interview that evaluates the understanding of the teaching contents, and the ability to reason on the legal basis.
There are no intermediate tests.
IUS/10 - ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - University credits: 6
Lessons: 40 hours