Structural Analysis I

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The program is conceived for allowing the acquirement of the following skills:
i) application of the theoretical notions of Structural Geology to the analysis of fragile and ductile deformation structures at the mesoscopic scale;
ii) description of the fragile and ductile deformation structures at the scale of the polarized light optical microscope;
iii) synthesis of meso-structural data for the creation of detailed geological-structural maps, useful for the technical-applicative purposes of the analytical cartography of polydeformed terrains.
Expected learning outcomes
Knowledge of advanced concepts of Structural Geology, personal acquisition of structural data and their use to solve practical problems from macro- to micro-scale; plotting of structural data on stereoplot; observation of simple microstructures of tectonitic rocks at the optical microscope. Writing a short report using personally obtained structural data with the consequent acquisition of the basic skills to draw up scientific reports.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Course syllabus
The program is designed to achieve the following objectives: i) to integrate the basic notions of Structural Geology with more specific and advanced concepts to be applied to concrete cases; ii) illustration of the theoretical concepts and industrial purposes of the analytical cartography of tectonic structures in polideformed soils. In order to consolidate learning, theoretical lessons and field trips in which the principles of structural analysis of polydoulded rocks are taught are added to the theoretical lessons.
Prerequisites for admission
Acquisition of CFUs of Structural and Tectonic Geology and Laboratory. Knowledge of rocks, ability to read geological maps, knowledge of kinematic criteria in tectonites, knowledge of the lithospheric mega-structure and of the main rheological characteristics of rocks at various depths.
Teaching methods
Theoretical lectures, practical exercises in the classroom and in the field.
Teaching Resources
Copies of the lesson plans, scientific publications and textbooks listed every year, specifying the chapters at the beginning of the lectures.
Assessment methods and Criteria
Written exam and written report on the field-work carried out during the practical exercises
GEO/03 - STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY - University credits: 6
Field activity: 24 hours
Lessons: 32 hours
Educational website(s)
Thursday h: 15-17; Friday h: 10-12
Teacher's Office, via Mangiagalli, 34