Teaching workshop: Developing skills for the human resources management

A.Y. 2021/2022
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The educational objective of this workshop is to develop the basic knowledge of;
Talent attraction and acquisition;
Integration of the various professional figures within the organizational structure;

Learning and Development management.
At the end of this workshop the students will have learned the main theories, analysis models, methodologies and techniques developed in the field of the human sciences, to face a professional experience in business or consulting contexts.
Expected learning outcomes
The workshop aims to develop the following skills:

Critical thinking skills:
By the end of the workshop, students will display a sufficiently independent critical approach in selecting and interpreting the notions that are most relevant their area of study and to the broader socio-cultural context in which they operate

Communication skills:
By the end of the workshop:
- students will be able to effectively communicate the acquired knowledge and disseminate it to the general public;
- student will have developed basic IT skills concerning knowledge preservation and transfer.

Learning skills:
By the end of the workshop, students will have developed the learning skills required to continue their studies in keeping with their own research interests. In order to meet this objective, students will also develop relevant skills in the independent interpretation of sources and in the use of basic IT tool for bibliographic research.
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
First semester
: The meetings are held exclusively in synchronous online mode in the Teams environment. The Teams code and other information on the environments used will be sent by e-mail to those enrolled in the laboratory. Students should refer to the following technical guides: https://www.unimi.it/it/studiare/servizi-gli-studenti/servizi-tecnologi… Students are invited to consult and follow the Rector's Decrees and the information on the page on urgent measures for the university community https://www.unimi.it/it/coronavirus-misure-urgenti-la-comunita-universi…
Course syllabus
"Professionalizing laboratory" module "Developing skills for the management of human resources"

Organizational structures and behavior
Employer branding, talent attraction and recruiting
Onboarding and Exit management
Performance evaluation and management
Training and development
Employee engagement
Digital HR

Monday 18/10 h.18: 30-20: 30
Monday 25/10 h.18: 30-20: 30
Monday 8/11 h.18: 30-20: 30
Saturday 13/11 h. 8.30-12.30
Monday 15/11 h.18: 30-20: 30
Monday 22/11 h.18: 30-20: 30
Saturday 27/11 h. 8.30-12.30
Monday 29/11 h.18: 30-20: 30

To attend this workshop, pre-enroll as indicated in the Laboratories section of the Philosophy website:
Prerequisites for admission
No previous knowledge required
Teaching methods
Lectures, exercises, company testimonials and group work.
Teaching Resources
Course Materials.
Organizzazione e gestione delle risorse umane.
6 ottobre 2020
di Gabriele Gabrielli (Autore), Silvia Profili (Autore)
Assessment methods and Criteria
Written group test and participation in lessons
Evaluation criteria:
- autonomy of judgment;
- ability to cooperate in a working group;
- communication and expression skills, including with information technology;
- ability to synthesize and correct writing;
- autonomy in the use and verification of sources, bibliographic and basic IT tools for scientific research and updating
Laboratorio Professionalizzante
- University credits: 2
Humanities workshops: 20 hours
Professor: Bonfanti Elisa
Ricerca Bibliografica e redazione di un testo scientifico filosofico
- University credits: 1
Humanities workshops: 16 hours
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By Teams
Wednesday, 15.30-19.00. Please, write a mail to arrange an appointment.