The History of Computer Science and Technology

The Computer Science Department of the University of Milan was established on April 27, 2012. Dating back to the late sixties, its history is characterized by a series of moments of change and growth with respect to the activities of research and education, thanks to the growing availability of human and logistic resources, according to the size and structure of a student body characterized by a high number of enrolments from its founding.
Important dates:

  • 1969: establishment of the GEC – Electronics and Cybernetics Group of the Institute of Physics, by Giovanni Degli Antoni, who is the coordinator,  Via Viotti 5

  • 1977: founding of the Institute of Cybernetics, Director: Giovanni Degli Antoni

  • 1980: activation of the degree programme in Information Sciences

  • 1984: establishment, initially in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, University of Turin, and then independently, of the Research Doctorate in Computer Science, which later developed into the Graduate School in Computer Science

  • 1986: founding of the DSI – Department of Information Sciences

  • 1995: activation of the Single Cycle Degree in Information Technology (5 years) and of the Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (3 years)

  • 1996: founding of the Education and Research Centre at Crema,

  • 2001: establishment of DTI – Department of Information Technology 

  • 2001: from this year, adaptation of the educational offering of university degree programmes (3+2)

  • 2003: establishment of DICO – Department of Information and Communication Technology 

  • 2006: founding of the Research Centre of the Departments of Computer Science and Communication, and of Information Sciences

  • 2012: establishment of DI – Department of Computer Science

  • 2016: the Academic Senate unanimously approves the department title: “Giovanni Degli Antoni” Department of Computer Science

  • 2017: transfer of the department to Via Celoria 18

In addition, recognition should be given to the contribution of the historic core of computer science professors and researchers in the establishment of the same departments at the University of Milano-Bicocca (1989) and the University of Insubria (2002).

Certificates and Awards

The Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science has been awarded the European quality certification EQANIE (European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education) for programmes of study in Computer Science.

It is the first Italian bachelor's degree to have obtained this important certification of quality.