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Information on degree programmes

Use search degree programmes, to view the profile of each degree programme on the respective programme web pages, as well as the Programme Structure and specific information on courses and exam programmes.

Full details on admission procedures and academic paths are indicated in the Programme Structure, which is published each year on the degree programmes web site. It contains the learning objectives of the programme, the admission requirements,  and the official plan of study with a list of courses activated for the present academic year, as well as the credits awarded for each course;. It also indicates any prerequisites, regulations governing registration and attendance, the period in which activities take place and the scientific sector and discipline of courses (for example L-FIL o LET/10).

Each course has an exam syllabus programme which sets out the topics covered by the course and the required texts: once enrolled at this university, students can access Unimia to find links to course description, contacts for teaching staff and access to the educational websites of the Ariel e-learning platform.




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