Erasmus KA107 incoming

Students and teaching staff from abroad
Incoming students

For international mobility through Erasmus+ KA107 at the University of Milan, you must submit your application for the published Erasmus+ announcements at your university. 

Candidates are required to speak and understand Italian or English.

The students who are accepted will receive economic support equal to 850 euros per month from the University of Milan, towards accommodation expenses. 

Here is a short checklist for students who are accepted for international mobility at the University of Milan.
Tel. +39 02 503 13506

1) Be sure that you or your university has sent the following to the International Relations Office, University of Milan: 

  • copy of passport,
  • Transcript of Records,
  • CV or résumé,
  • Letter of motivation,
  • draft of your Learning Agreement, (when it has been received, the office will send you a letter of acceptance).

    The documents must be sent by:
    30 June, for mobility during the first semester or for the entire academic year
    30 November, for mobility during the second semester

2) Request a student visa and tax code from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are a resident, presenting the acceptance letter that you received from the International Relations Office of the University of Milan. 

The student visa is needed when applying for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) in Italy.

3) Send a copy of your student visa and tax code to the International Relations Office of the University of Milan. 

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For a student visa and tax code, consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.


Within 8 days of your arrival in Milan, go to the International Relations Office of the University of Milan to: 

  • complete the enrolment procedure, by presenting:
    • copy of passport,
    • medical insurance,
    • third party liability insurance,
    • accident insurance certificate (valid abroad).

If you do not have third party liability and accident insurance, you can acquire them through the University of Milan for €15.50. 

  • request a student residence permit, by presenting the following: 
    • request form found in the kit for student residence permits, which is available at any post office;
    • duty stamp for €16 (sold in tobacco shops);
    • passport;
    • medical insurance;
    • student acceptance letter from the University of Milan; 
    • student visa.
  • Register online for the courses you have chosen – based on the study plan indicated in your Learning Agreement -  by logging into the Unimia platform with the access codes that you receive at the moment of enrolment. 
    Eventual modifications to the Learning Agreement must be approved by both the coordinator of your university and your contact person at the University of Milan. 
  • You can attend Italian language courses for Erasmus+ students, after taking the placement test to indicate your current level of Italian.  

Pick up your Transcript of Records at the International Relations Office, which lists exam results and the credits that you have acquired.

Incoming teaching staff

Teaching staff interested in a mobility period at the University of Milan should apply through their own university by presenting:

  • copy of passport,
  • CV or résumé,
  • draft of mobility agreement,
  • letter of motivation.

Accepted applications are sent to the University of Milan for evaluation by academic coordinators. 

The accepted teaching staff will receive an letter of invitation by email that is necessary for application for an Italian visa and tax code (from the Italian embassy or consulate in the country of residence), which are necessary for receiving the assigned financial contributions.