Erasmus Traineeship incoming

The Erasmus+ Traineeship programme allows students from foreign universities to undertake a traineeship in one of the countries participating in the programme. The duration of the stay ranges from two months to an entire academic year

How to participate and application requirements

It is a mandatory requirement for all applicants to be selected by their Home University as part of the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme. 

Students interested in a traineeship period at the University of Milan must apply by submitting the Form on the right. Applications sent by e-mail will not be considered.

The International Mobility Office will forward the applications to the relevant Department based on the subject area of interest, to be evaluated by the Erasmus coordinators. Eligible students will receive a confirmation by e-mail with the information required to complete their application.

Accepted students must send the following documents to [email protected]:

-the Learning Agreement for Traineeships (LAT) signed by the home institution, the student and the academic supervisor on behalf of the University of Milan;

- CV;

- certificate of medical insurance covering the entire duration of the stay;

- certificate of accident and third party liability insurance covering the entire duration of the stay;

- copy of an ID / passport;

- passport-size photograph.