LERU - Stream Programme (Incoming)

The University of Milan is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), which participates in the STREAM project (STudent REseArch Mobility).

Bachelor's students and graduands from STREAM partner universities can choose among the opportunities offered by our University to undertake their research internship in Milan.

Open projects
  • A contrastive grammar for translators from French to Italian
  • Project Tarquinia
  • CRY Crisis and risk in postcolonial Europe. Migration, borders, and proximity
  • Museum narratives and Narrative and the Museum
  • Invisible cities NO MORE. Urban space, migrancies and representation in contemporary transnational arts and cultures

Jean Monnet Module on European Civil Procedure in a Comparative and Transnational Perspective

Social Media and Public Opinion in the EU

  • EMPOWER: designing and developing cognitive emporwerment apps, supporting people experiencing Learning Disorders (LD)
  • Extended Cognition: new cognitive approaches aimed at developing empowerment technologies to be used in learning disabilities and educational contexts
  • Intelligent Systems for industrial, environmental and biometric applications
  • Visualization and Interaction for Real and Virtual Reality Environments
  • Innovative methods for animal derived food evaluation. Safety and security
  • MicroRNA and innate immunity in the dog ear
  • Computational cancer biology
  • Epigenetic control of cell differentiation. Use of erasers and 3D matrix for drug testing and personalized cell therapy
  • ERC Advanced Ways
  • Evaluation of inflammatory and fibrotic markers in renal biopsies of renal transplanted patients
  • Italian validation of the myotonic dystrophy health index (MDHI)
  • Maternal hemodynamics in normal Pregnancy and in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • Molecular and cellular mechanism of vascular calcification
  • Novel approaches for the treatment of Rett syndrome
  • Patient empowerment. from theory to practice
  • Phase rectified signal averaging of Transabdominal fetal ECG a novel technique for fetal autonomic nervous system analysis
  • PJS (Jonic-Salentino Project)
  • Role of the human Polyomavirus BK in the development of the prostate cancer. Testing the hit and run hypothesis
  • Structural Bases of human pathologies
  • Use of the invertebrate model Galleria mellonella to study microbial pathogenesis
  • Ab-initio electronic structure, theoretical spectroscopy
  • Advanced materials and devices for food packaging applications
  • Amino acids, Peptidomimetics, Peptides and their exploitation for different applications
  • Bioanalytical approaches in drug discovery and development
  • Cultural heritage microbiology
  • Distributing surface melt of mountain glaciers
  • Electrochemical science and materials. From investigation methodologies to processes
  • ElectroMicrobes - Electro-stimulated fermentations as breakthrough of industrial microbial conversions
  • Hypoxia and chronic wounds. Pathogenetic mechanisms and non conventional nanotherapies
  • Investigation on a class of polyether antibiotics as potential anti-malarial agents
  • Parton distributions for the Higgs boson
  • Quantitative Meso and Microstructural analysis of metamorphic tectonites
  • Quantitative microscopy of bacteria dynamics and capturing
  • Quantum estimation for quantum technology
  • Use of chiral supramolecular ligands in Pd-catalysed enantioselective allylic substitution reactions