Open access and Open research data for Open Science

The University of Milan has tools and policies in line with the best national and international experiences in the field of Open Access. Adopting Open Access means promoting free access to articles in journals and monographs.

The University has embraced the main models currently in use:

  • Green Open Access
  • Diamond Open Access

With Green Open Access (or self-archiving) it is possible to republish works already published by traditional publishers in an institutional (or disciplinary) repository. This Open Access mode has no cost and is standardised by publishers (for editorial policies see Sherpa Romeo).

The Institutional Research Repository (IRR) is a Green Open Access tool, with its own policy. The IRR collects articles, monographs, essays, edited books, conference speeches, working papers and all the University doctoral theses starting from 2010.

Diamond Open Access  is the most advanced form of free access to research data and findings, as free access applies from the time of publication.

In line with Diamond Access standards, the University has implemented an e-publishing platform based on the Open Journal System (OJS) - The University e-publishing platform, with its magazines and book collections, is one of the largest in Italy and boasts high access and download figures.

Its magazines are indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals and editorial policies are surveyed by Sherpa Romeo. The University offers technical assistance and advice to editors starting up new electronic magazines or digital versions of print magazines. Editors meet regularly to discuss critical issues and share good practices.


University fund for APC

The professors, researchers, research fellows and PhD students of the University of Milan can submit a request for funding for publications in non-hybrid Gold Open Access journals according to the rules approved by academic bodies.

Please apply to, using the attached form, after the first step of the review process, when there is reasonable certainty that the article will be published.

Open APC Project

Since 2016, the University of Milan has participated in the Open APC European Project by sharing with scientific communities its APC payment data for both gold and hybrid journals.