Continuing Education in Medicine Accreditation (CEM)

The University of Milan has been accredited by the Lombardy Region as a provider  of Continuing Education in Medicine - Continuing Professional Development (CEM - CPD).

Continuing Education in Medicine  (CEM) is a process whereby health professionals attend refresher courses to better meet the needs of patients and the national  heath service and to promote their own professional development.

Continuing Education in Medicine allows individuals to gain new knowledge, skills and abilities that will enhance their competence and expertise.

In this view, the University of Milan designs and delivers accredited advanced training courses for healthcare workers. Participants who meet the training objectives are awarded certified CEM credits.

The training credits awarded to healthcare professionals are valid  throughout Italy.

Information for teaching staff

Teaching staff interested in activating an accredited CEM advanced training course, can find full details on the portal lastatale@work.

Quality assurance

The design, planning and provision of the training courses fall within the Quality Management System aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the process with a view to continuously improving activities and increasing user satisfaction.

The process related to the accreditation activities is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.