Unicloud Regulations

Use of Unicloud Computer Labs and Classrooms

Current regulations may be amended and/or supplemented at any time. Please check regularly for any updates.

  1. Register online or at a registration station, as described in the Computer Labs and Classrooms Access Procedures;
  2. the account is strictly personal, confidential and NOT TRANSFERABLE;
  3. you are fully responsible for all activities on your account;
  4. access to laboratories is free, while computer classrooms may only be accessed during institutional activities (lessons, exams, exercises, tests, competitive exams);
  5. you can log in using your account on one computer at a time;
  6. use of computer resources is for educational and scientific purposes only, including Internet browsing;
  7. computer resources must be used in compliance with the law;
  8. it is forbidden to download illegal or pirated;
  9. it is forbidden to install personal software on the computers;
  10. you are required to report any damage and/or anomalies, without touching or moving the equipment;
  11. do not move furniture outside laboratories and classrooms;
  12. do not disconnect power and network cables to connect personal devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, external disks, etc.). Several laboratories provide special areas for personal device connection;
  13. always disconnect from the system after using a workstation;
  14. do not switch monitors and clients off manually, as switch-on/off is automatic;
  15. please behave appropriately and keep your voice down;
  16. do not introduce food or drinks or eat any meals or snacks in the computer labs and classrooms;
  17. the staff has full authority to enforce the above provisions and appropriate behaviour, in compliance with privacy rules.