Computer Labs and Classrooms

The University offers students, research fellows, postgraduates and university personnel computer labs and computerized classrooms by reservation, which are available for autonomous use of the resources and for completion of the required online registration.

Although the laboratories and classrooms are in various locations, they have been enhanced according to the Unicloud model of cloud computing that best meets the growing academic and organizational needs of both instructors and students.

Access is available from any university Unicloud workstation - from Via Festa del Perdono to Sesto San Giovanni, from Città Studi to Lodi - simply by using your account on the data network where you can find your profile, settings and folders.

User Resources

All the information you need for using the resources at your disposal.

Access Information

To use the resources, enrolled students and University staff must register using the workstations in the laboratories and classrooms or online, on the Unicloud Registration page, by logging in from the University network or through Eduroam.

Students are required to renew their registration every year, starting from 16 August, and each time they change their password for access to the University email, while University staff have to renew their registration only if they change their email password.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Access the page (University/Eduroam network only) or use the registration workstations in the laboratory or in the classroom

  2. Login with your university credentials, also used to access your email account:

  3. Read and accept the Terms of Use for computer laboratories and computerized classrooms.
    The acceptance of the Terms of Use - which is stored in the university systems - is obligatory in order to obtain access to these services.

Once the first registration has been successfully completed, all the computer labs throughout the university, as well as the Caslod computerized classrooms, can be used.

Those who do not have the university e-mail credentials can request a temporary account at the offices of contact persons for IT in education, in person at the front office during the opening hours indicated for each sector, with:

  • a request for the authorization of a guest account, printed on the letterhead paper of the organization (department, office, sector, etc.) or a document certifying enrolment.
  • a valid identity document.
Computer Labs

The computer laboratories offer the use of software used in various fields of study and research and useful tools for advanced technological contexts. 

There is free access to the laboratories during the opening hours that are indicated. Discover more by consulting the list of laboratories.

Computerized Classrooms

The computerized classrooms are used for lectures, exams, exercises, admission tests, internal and ministerial competitions that require IT support and are equipped with the latest tools and specialized software related to the degree programmes of the various sectors.

The classrooms can be used only during institutional activities.