University e-mail services

Antivirus and Antispam services

All e-mails to student mailboxes received by the University mail servers are checked for viruses and spam content.

Automatic cancellation of spam or deleted e-mail 

All messages older than 15 days will be automatically deleted in the following folders of each mailbox:

  • Spam (where the University Antispam Service directs spam messages)
  • Trash, Deleted Items.

Automatic Reply Message

If you access your mailbox through the University webmail you have some optional services.

A key one is the automatic reply service. Select Options, Mail, Automatic Reply Message to create and customize your automatic reply message.


No, the service is active from the business day following matriculation.

The e-mail service provides the following functions:

  • You can freely set your password via a safe Change password web service. If you forget your password, you can change it using our emergency service.
  • Secure access via webmail.
  • Access through an e-mail software over the IMAP/S protocol (Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird...).
  • Automatic reply message to alert senders that you are on vacation and cannot reply for some time.

You have two options to access your e-mail:

  • Through any e-mail software (Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, ...). For a complete overview of available e-mail protocols and parameter settings, visit the e-mail configuration page.
  • Through the University webmail.

Check that your e-mail client configuration is correct.
In particular, make sure that:

  • you entered your password correctly;
  • the domain appears in the user name field in the e-mail client configuration menu.
    In other words, this field should show the full address including the domain <name>.<surname>, not just the username <name>.<surname>.

You should not use the internet browsers on these devices, even if they have a convenient large format display (such as 10"). Use the e-mail client provided by the device's operating system.

Read carefully computer security pages on our portal.

Your University e-mail box will remain active for two academic years following the year of last renewal.