As of 6 February, email addresses with domain name @studenti.unimi.it are migrating to Microsoft Outlook.

Service Overview

The service is available to all our students in the institutional domain @studenti.unimi.it, using University credentials.

You will receive your university e-mail address upon matriculation. It will be shown in the receipt that is downloaded at the end of the procedure, in the format [email protected], together with first-access credentials.

We recommend that you set a new password of your choice by clicking on Change password.
Your mailbox will be active and your credentials will be released automatically on the business day following matriculation.

Accessing your University e-mail box 

You can access the service by using an e-mail client or the University webmail.

E-mail service expiration

If you have attended a Bachelor's or Master's Degree programme, our University e-mail box will remain active for two years following the year of last renewal or graduation.

E-mail configuration

Find out how to configure the e-mail client on your computer.

E-mail services and FAQs

Antispam and antivirus, account cancellation and automatic reply service. Answers to frequently asked questions.

Single Sign-On (SSO) access

With Single Sign-On access, you can log in to webmail and access all other online services without re-entering your credentials. If you have multiple sessions open on the same browser, you can disconnect in one click. 

Similarly, when you log in to a service, such as Unimia, you can automatically access your mailbox via webmail, without re-entering your credentials.