General features of the service

This service is available to anyone who has a set of University credentials ending in @studenti.unimi.it.

An email address is assigned upon enrolment in the format [email protected]. The address is stated on the receipt downloadable at the end of the enrolment procedure, along with a set of first login credentials.

We recommend changing the default password and setting a personal password using the reset password function. 

As of 6 February 2023, the email service is part of the Microsoft 365 platform, just as the other Microsoft 365 cloud services that the University has been using since 2020, for example Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. 

Microsoft Outlook email services include 50 GB of storage space, full integration and synchronization with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem (Calendar, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and other services), as well as high protection against malwares, viruses, phishing attempts and malicious links. 

How to access your University mailbox 

You can access your University mailbox either from an email client or from your webmail.

Email account expiration

The email account will remain active for the two academic years subsequent to the last year of enrolment or graduation date.

Configuring your email

Find out how to configure an email client on your computer.

Email services and FAQs

Antivirus and spam filters, account deletion, automatic reply. Answers to frequently asked questions.

PhD and postgraduate students

PhD and postgraduate students who have been assigned an email account ending in @unimi.it can find detailed information at the dedicated page on La Statale @work.

Single user-password access

Authentication in Single user-password mode allows you to log into your webmail with the same set of credentials (user id and password) used for all other online services on the website.

In order to provide stronger security measures when accessing the University email and Microsoft 365 account, multifactor authentication (MFA) has been implemented, requiring students to take a further step for authentication after entering their username and password. For further information, please read the MFA instructions.