Collaborations of 400 hours

The university can assign tutoring duties, as well as teaching support, preparatory and remedial activities, pursuant to Art. 13 of Law 341/90, to able and deserving students enrolled on master’s degree programmes, in postgraduate schools for the legal professions, and in postgraduate schools for secondary school teachers.

Remuneration is 9 euros per hour, gross of INPS deductions. 

Who can take part

For students enrolled on master’s degree programmes (except for single-cycle programmes), student collaborations cannot exceed 400 hours in total in one academic year. Academic tutoring activities can be combined with student collaborations until the 400 hours limit is reached. 

Collaborations for students enrolled in postgraduate schools for the legal professions and in postgraduate schools for secondary school teachers cannot exceed 150 hours in total in one academic year.


For information or clarifications, please contact the structure that announces the collaboration indicated in the 400 hours notice you are interested in. The referents are indicated in each announcement.

How to take part

The Faculty Councils or university structures decide on the number of collaborations required and the selection criteria. Each selection is governed by a relevant call for applications. The Faculties or university structures are directly responsible for issuing the calls and deciding on the winners. 
Students who wish to take part must submit an application by following the instructions set out in the various calls. 

Selection criteria

Selection is based on merit and on the specific knowledge required. Where candidates fulfil the same merit criteria, the candidate with the less favourable economic situation will win. 

Activation of student collaborations and payments

Students who start a collaboration must send the Human Resources Department: 

  • a personal details form, including details of the current account into which the salary will be paid (see attached form) 
  • a statement of commitment setting out the obligations of the student worker.

The person responsible for the service at the university must send the certificate attesting to the activity carried out. 
Where applicable, student workers are obliged to comply with the Regulation containing the code of conduct for public employees and the Code of Conduct for employees of the University of Milan. 

Specific forms, available here, are provided for academic tutoring activities, in accordance with Art. 19 of the Regulation on Student Collaborations.