Student collaborations - 320 hours

What and who

The university can assign tutoring duties, as well as teaching support, preparatory and remedial activities, pursuant to Art. 13 of Law 341/90, to able and deserving students enrolled on Master’s degree programmes, and in postgraduate schools for the legal professions.

Remuneration is 12.5 euros per hour gross of INPS deductions; therefore, the maximum amount payable is € 4,000.00 per year.

Eligible candidates

  • Students enrolled on, and on track with, Master's degree programmes, as well as on the 4th, 5th or 6th year of single-cycle Master's degree programmes of the University
  • Students enrolled in postgraduate schools of the University for the legal professions.

How many hours

  • For students enrolled on Master's degree programmes:  up to 320 hours during the academic year; tutoring activities can be combined with student collaborations, up to the limit of 320 hours
  • For students enrolled in postgraduate schools for the legal professions: up to 200 hours per academic year.

What kind of activities

  • Supplementary teaching in subject areas requiring support for training activities (courses, exercises, seminars, laboratories)
  • Support to orientation services
  • In-depth study and exercises in specific subject areas
  • Tutoring on specific subjects, geared to students with disabilities and SLD
  • Third-Mission and support activities for the University museum system.

For information or queries, contact the office where the position you are interested in is open. The contact persons are indicated in the call for applications.

The previous regulation applies to calls issued up to 28 February 2021.  Collaboration arrangements provide for up to 400 hours' work, with an hourly compensation of 9 euros.

How to apply

The positions are opened by University offices. Each selection is governed by a specific call for applications.

Interested students must submit an application following the instructions provided in the call.

Selection criteria

The selection process, possibly including an interview, is based on merit and the specific skills required for the position. In case of a tie in merit, the position will be awarded to the lower-income candidate.

Starting and getting paid

The head of the office will have the following documents filled in and signed by the winning students:

  • an agreement setting out work arrangements
  • personal data with bank details

At the end of the collaboration, the service manager will send a statement certifying the activity carried out by the student.

Students are required to comply, as far as they are concerned, with the Code of conduct for public employees and the Code of conduct for employees of the University of Milan.

Students collaborating with the University are by no means University employees, nor do they form part of teaching or administrative staff. They do not earn any credits for the purposes of public competitive selection procedures.