In the halls of Palazzo Greppi

La Sala Napoleonica di Palazzo Greppi
Saletta attigua alla Sala Napoleonica di Palazzo Greppi
La Sala della Stufa di Palazzo Greppi

Via S. Antonio 12 - First Floor, disabled access pathway.

An eighteenth-century building designed by Piermarini, one of the first examples of Milanese Neoclassicism.

Napoleonic Hall 

For conferences and seminars: immovable table for 7 speakers, audio system and video projection screen, 96 seats.

Room adjacent to the Napoleonic Hall

For seminars and meetings, speakers' table, 40 seats.

Crystal-table Room

For meetings and gatherings, 20 seats.

Stove Room

For meetings, a horseshoe table, 14 seats.

Large Entrance Hall

For reception, cloakroom and catering services.