Contract authorizations

This section contains contract authorizations for the purchase of goods and services.

Starting from 2023, the publication of contract authorization measures for the purchase of goods and services is automated.


In the Contract Authorization Records you can find CADES-signed files (extension .pdf.P7M). In order to manage and verify digital signatures and time stamps for these files, you need specific software, such as Aruba Sign, which can be downloaded free of charge, for all operating systems, from the official website page (

Key - File naming codes

  • AD = Adesione (accession)
  • AFF_DIR = Affidamento diretto (direct assignment)
  • AGG = Aggiudicazione (award)
  • CONV = Convenzione (agreement)
  • CQ = Contratto Quadro (framework agreement)
  • DL = Delibera (resolution)
  • DT = Determina (decision)
  • F = Fornitura (supply)
  • S = Servizio (service)