Registers of suppliers and professionals

Economic operators and professionals offering to carry out works for, or supply goods and services to, the University of Milan are duly registered.

The registers are updated regularly.

As required by the founding regulations of each register, applications for registration can be submitted throughout the year. New registrations will be entered upon updating the registers. For registration, please use the documents attached to each register, possibly updating the time reference. Register using the documents provided for your professional association, according to the respective regulations.


Via Festa del Perdono 7

For information on regular updates and registration procedures.

Public notice for the creation of lists of economic operators

The University has reorganized the registers of suppliers of goods, services and works according to new criteria, starting with the creation of three new lists as follows:

  • Suppliers of goods and services
  • Work suppliers
  • Professional engineering and architecture services

On 13 October 2020 the following were published:

  • A public notice for the establishment of lists of economic operators for the award of works, supplies and services (including architecture and engineering services) for amounts below EU thresholds (art. 36 of Legislative Decree 50 / 2016)
  • The new regulation for the establishment of the list of economic operators

The public notice and the online application form are available on the e-procurement platform.

The new list of contractors is valid as of 15 December 2020. The updated list of contractors approved by the University of Milan is available at the following Web address.

List of contractors approved by the University of Milan

Public notice and online application

The application form must be submitted online through the e-procurement platform, where the public notice for the establishment of new lists is also available.

Other registers

In order to register, you are required to submit the Integrity Pact with the University, to be downloaded from this page.
The document, duly initialled on each page and signed, shall be attached to the application form.

Notice dated 24 July 2019 – Amendment of the notice for the preparation of the Veterinary List
Please find attached the executive decision amending the Notice for the preparation of an open list of veterinary service providers for the Lodi Veterinary Hospital of the University of Milan. Applications for registration may be submitted according to the procedures set out in the original notice by 31 July 2019 in the first instance.