Food industry design technology and innovation

A.A. 2020/2021
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The course is intended for the development of Food Science & Technology & Product Development knowledge and cognitive skills, and is meant for both a science and economics backgrounds.
Main objective of the course is to describe the role of design for innovation over the whole food value chain, challenged and put into proper perspective. Innovative ideas and practices are inspired through real-world examples.
In order to get this goal, food design for innovation is presented in sustainable technology terms, that complements the economic and quality aspects of the industrial activities. In this way, criteria for improvement of food products will be strengthened.
The course is tailored to develop both students' ability to define the technological innovation in food system and to identify the challenges, risks and benefit of food design for innovation, both students' ability to point out critical issues for benefits and detriments of conducting innovative policies in food industry or within the institutional food area.
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At the end of the course the students are expected to have acquired cognitive tools, logic elements and familiarity with essential concepts of food technology and of frontier technological innovations, that allow them to stay informed on the continuous technological updating from the food manufacturing professional sector. At the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and autonomous judgment skills for analyzing innovation opportunities within food production and market contexts. Students will become capable of collaborating with food production experts and will have sufficient technical communication tools to be participate in programme actions and to manage intervention in innovation. Students will be adequately trained to perform advisory and managerial tasks for private companies and public institutions, in relation to food and health.
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