Human nutrition and nutraceutical foods

A.Y. 2018/2019
Overall hours
Learning objectives
The educational objective is to provide fundamental knowledge of
human nutrition in the area of Gastroenteric Physiology,
metabolism of macro and micro nutrients, recommended dietary
references intakes, relationship between diet and chronic
degenerative diseases and finally nutraceutical perspective for the
welfare and the maintenance of good health in humans
Expected learning outcomes
The student will archive the basic knowledge concerning the
anatomy and human physiology, the human nutritional
requirements, the new food trends and biotechnology role in
improving nutritional quality of foods, the main physiopathologic
mechanism underlying the development of chronic degenerative
Course syllabus and organization

Single session

Lesson period
Second semester
Course syllabus
Anatomy and physiology of digestive system Digestion, absorption and metabolism of macronutrients Nutritional role of macro and micro nutrients Dietary guidelines for the Italian population Role of foods and their components in human health Nutraceuticals and functional foods: definition, purpose and future perspectives Role of biotechnology in the formulation of functional ingredients/ foods Nutrigenomics, epigenetic and metabolomics: the role of nutraceuticals
Teaching methods
Textbooks -M.E. Shils, Modern nutrition in health and disease, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, 1999 -A.Mariani Costantini, Fondamenti di nutrizione umana, Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Roma 1999 -W. J. Germann, Fisiologia, EdiSES, Napoli 2008 -G. Arienti, Le basi molecolari della nutrizione, Piccin Editore, Padova 2003Teaching materials
BIO/09 - PHYSIOLOGY - University credits: 6
Lessons: 48 hours
Professor: Del Bo' Cristian